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Testimonials From My Clients

My Customers’ Gift to Me


after a coffee and a walk through of their space rowan gave me his thoughts and ideas and we hatched out a plan.
he had a matt blatt desk that was origianlly for his office, but just felt wrong. so at the last minute i made him the waterfall edge desk.
the desinger desks under the windows are fully collapsable perching on black horses.
the large communal table was designed for their cafe and stand up meetings.

'I am definitely enjoying the new desk - right height, width, amount of space and the fact that it marries in with everything else so much better.'

Thanks so much for your help. It’s a tough slog at the best of times without people trying to drag you down but Hunter Studio is getting there and will definitely have a big 2015, hopefully with a happy client being Salvaged by Stix!

Hunter Studio

So this happened today. _Spent the day putting tables together at _mofogram. This round one is at th

My latest fit out at Vinomofo's new office space.​

This was a massive gig for me and the logistics were tough. And all in a rush over and through Christmas.

19 tables in total.
Approx 550 lineal metres of timber
450kg of gal pipe and accessories
Multiple splinters
4lt of osmo oil/wax
Sawdust everywhere
Favours were called in
No lives were lost

1 x 5500 x 1200 boardroom
2 x 2200 x 2200 meeting room tables
1 x 4500 x 1100 high bar entrance table
1 x 4500 x 1100 break out table
1 x 1500 round table
1 x 6000 x 1100 kitchen banch top
1 x 4500 x 1100 high bar break out table
2 x 2250 x 1100 warehouse tables
1 x 3300 x 700 vic ash reception top
1 x 2700 x 600 kitchenette top
Thanks for your incredible work, Stix. Couldn't imagine our team sitting around carbon copy corporate tables. What you've produced is beautiful, unique furniture which we love! You'll have a long line of Mofos wanting pieces for home soon!


inhouse pic.jpg

All I can say is WOW!! I am so impressed with this table, beautifully made and is exactly what I had envisaged. Thank you again so much for taking the time to listen to me and making it come to life! You have been so professional and helpful and I would highly recommend your work to everyone and anyone who is looking for a stunning piece. Very talented and passionate which translates in our table smile
im a happy customer! 😃


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